Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why videos has no storyboard?

This may have several reasons:

  • Video is new: Video has just been uploaded. It takes time to process it, especially if it's long.
  • Video is older: YouTube decided not to dedicate resources necessary to render storyboards due to the low significance of the video.
  • You found a bug: There is a feedback form under every video where you can report an error.

Why I see thumbnails instead of storyboard?

It's because video has no storyboard. In this case, displays all possible thumbnails YouTube creates to have at least some clue what is video about.

Raw storyboards

Raw storyboards are just pure storyboard images (jpg) and nothing more. YouTube has more (raw) storyboard versions: default, 10x10, 5x5 and 3x3. Boardea displays always the best quality one.

List of currently supported video services:

  • Youtube

Ask for support of a new video service.